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  • ✅ Free plan 👍
  • ✅ Copy prompts with one click
  • ✅ Built-in AI Chat (OpenAI, Claude)
  • ✅ Organize your entire AI prompt collection
  • ✅ Support for {variables} in your prompts
  • ✅ Quick search and filter to find the right prompt instantly
  • ✅ "Prompt chains" - string multiple prompts together for complex tasks
  • ✅ "Scenarios" - pre-fill variables for different clients, brands, projects, etc.

Drowning in a sea of AI prompts?

You are an AI poweruser with prompts for emails, brainstorming, and distracting your kids on car rides (just me?).

But your prompts are scattered across notes, docs, and chat histories.

The "C" and "V" keys are worn on your keyboard from so much copy and pasting. 🤣

You're wasting precious minutes hunting for that perfect prompt, then tweaking it every single time. And let's be real - how many times have you accidentally sent the wrong version because you forgot to change a crucial detail?

Sound about right?? You're not alone.

All of us AI junkies are feeling the UN-optimized prompt mess.

I built Promptimizer to clean up the prompt mess.

Imagine having all your prompts in one place, searchable and sorted.

Click a prompt to copy it to the clipboard.

Command/Control-Click to INSTANTLY send the prompt to the AI chat(!)

No need to edit prompts for different users, just use {variables}.

And chains? Oh yeah, deploy entire prompt sequences in seconds.

Promptimizer isn't just a simple tool.

Actually wait, yes. YES IT IS.

If AI is your co-pilot, Promptimizer is your pre-flight checklist.

This simple tool SUPERCHARGES your AI workflows & skyrockets productivity.

Whether you're a content creator, developer, designer, or teacher, Promptimizer helps you harness the power of AI - without prompt sloppiness.

Stop wasting time. Start optimizing.

-Pete McPherson (creator of Promptimizer)

Who's This For? (Spoiler: Probably You)

🧑‍💻 Developer Prompts

Explain this code: {code_snippet}

Generate unit tests for: {function_name}

My code sucks. Fix this shit: {code_snippet}

✍️ Content Creator Prompts

Write a catchy headline for: {topic}

Outline a blog post about: {subject}

Create a clickbait title so good it would make Buzzfeed BLUSH.

🎨 Designer Prompts

Describe a minimalist logo for: {brand}

Suggest color schemes for: {project}

Design a UI so intuitive, even my grandma could launch a rocket

🧑‍🏫 Teacher Prompts

Create a lesson plan for: {subject} {grade_level}

Generate engaging questions about: {topic}

Here's a super angry email I wrote to parents. Make it less bitchy: {email body}

🚀 Copywriter Prompts

I want you to help me generate some copywriting. I'll provide you with a bunch of concrete facts and information about the product: {product info}. I want you to ask me several clarifying questions before you generate any copy. Ask your first question now.

I have a product called {product name}. Here's what it does: {product description}. Give me 10 headline ideas. Think 'old school direct mail' type of headlines.

👨‍👩‍👦 Parenting Prompts

Come up with fun bedtime story about the UGA football team playing literal dragons.

Draw a picture of a cat with a hat and a scarf.

ChatGPT, just parent my kids for a while OMG

📊 Data Prompts

Write SQL query to analyze: {dataset}

Suggest visualizations for: {data_type}

Find the correlation between coffee consumption and code quality

📱 Social Media Prompts

Create engaging post for: {platform} about {topic}

Suggest trending hashtags for: {industry}

Write a tweet so viral it makes cat videos jealous

🍳 Cooking Prompts

Develop a recipe using: {ingredients}

Suggest wine pairings for: {dish}

Create a dish that tastes like procrastination but looks like productivity

🤖 AI Nerd Prompts

Explain the concept of: {AI_term}

Compare and contrast: {AI_model1} vs {AI_model2}

Train an AI to understand why kids love cinnamon toast crunch


Hey, I'm Pete, and I might be the most impatient person alive. 👋️

You know what I love? AI stuff.

You know what I HATE??

  • Copying and pasting
  • Searching for stuff
  • Unoptimized or unorganized ANYTHING

I even tie my shoes differently to save an extra second/day. #noreally

So when AI chats exploded, one of the first things to drive me crazy was organizing, finding, filtering, and deploying AI prompts. UGH copy and paste stinks.

That's why I built Promptimizer!

Oh, and I'm also the founder of,, Do You Even Blog, and about a dozen other content brands, websites, YouTube channels, and podcasts.

I've been a full-time online entrepreneur since 2017! 😜

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What does Promptimizer DO?

This is a tool for organizing, managing, and "deploying" the prompts that you use for various AI software.

For example, instead of having a Google Doc and having a ton of prompts that you have to search for, use the mouse to select the text, copy, paste, etc...

In Promptimizer, You can use a key bind to search for the prompt you're looking for, copy it with one click, and you're good to go.

You can categorize custom prompts and you can even include variables like {name} and Promptimizer will replace it with the actual name at runtime.

You can also browse prompts from other users and add to your own collection!

What's different about the pro plan?

The Pro plan has AI built right in, so there's no need to navigate away to ChatGPT, Claude 3, etc.

Plus you can command click (or control click) on a prompt and it'll go STRAIGHT to the chat. It's SUPER fast.

Does Promptimizer REPLACE my AI tool?

On the free plan, nope! It's designed to be used right alongside ChatGPT, Claude 3, Gemini, MetaAI, etc!

On the Pro plan, yes! AI Chat is built right in, where you can deploy prompts with LITERALLY 1-click. We have several AI models to choose from (ChatGPT (OpenAI), Claude 3, etc)

Does Promptimizer store or share my data? Or your AI companies?

Promptimizer = your data IS stored on our prviate database (we use Google Firebase), but is not shared with anybody, or used in any other way imaginable, PERIOD.

AI Partners (via the API): When your data is sent to our AI partners (Anthropic for Claude 3 models, OpenAI for gpt models), it IS NOT used to train their AI. See Anthropic's policy here. See OpenAI's policy here.



Let's keep it simple.

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✅ Unlimited prompts

✅ Unlimited variables (scenarios)

Unlimited prompt chains

Built-in AI chat

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$19 $9 / month USD

✅ Unlimited prompts

✅ Unlimited variables (scenarios)

✅ Unlimited prompt chains

✅ Built-in AI chat (Claude 3 Haiku)

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$29 / month USD

✅ Unlimited prompts

✅ Unlimited variables (scenarios)

✅ Unlimited prompt chains

✅ Built-in AI chat (Claude 3 Haiku)

✅ Premium AI models (GPT-4o, Claude 3.5 Sonnet, Claude 3 Opus)

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